The ENHANCIFIER – The Analog “Secret Sauce” Processor

 Enhance the quality of your instrument’s tone while simultaneously providing a clean to aggressive variable boost.

The ENHANCIFIER creates “space” around the notes, giving you “sheen and sparkle”, added depth and richness to your instrument and rig. It makes the overall sound of any instrument sound more dynamic and alive.

In Depth Demos

Short Demos

Enhance Your Tone


Secret Sauce

Analog Processor That Delivers Old School Recording Studio “Secret Sauce”


Clean Boost

Powerful Clean Boost with Finely Tuned Interactive Tonal Shaping Controls.


Hand Made

Built with rare and hard to source parts. It is hand made and delivers exceptional performance. Get it while you can…

Hear What Players Have Been Saying

"Everyone should demo this pedal. I can’t stop telling my guitar friends about it. I will never use an amp and guitar again without this pedal."
Fred S
“Why would you ever turn that off??”
Troy B
“It just makes playing so much easier, cuts through the mix.”
Chris R
Prompt delivery and great tracking service to U.K. I tested this straight out of the box (without even taking time to dial in a setup) and it just adds that tonal stickiness that I had hoped for. I have been fixated on constantly getting good tone from my setup for 20+ years and use many rare vintage pedals but this has just added something extra. It is also stunningly presented and fits perfectly into a vintage or modern setup. I am proud to possibly be the first in the U.K. to have one. Thanks.
Jason P.
Love the clarity. Sounds like part of the amp.
David S.
I just wanted to let you know that The Enhancifier sounds out of this world with my 100% original 1968 50W plexi, with the original Pulsonic speakers marshal cab. It's unreal!
Chris R.
Since its arrival, the Enhancifier has been my always-on pedal. It sounds like I’ve turned a power amp up past 12 ’o clock. More harmonics, more sustain and just the right amount of compression. For me, the price is definitely worth paying. Dialing in the Enhancifier is incredibly simple. I like to start with the clean boost and then boost or cut low end to taste. The rest of the controls can be set even to the extremes with my rig - no matter where they end up, they all sound pleasing.
"I have one, and I freaking love it" ** "I’ve got one it’s fantastic" ** "I bought that pedal. Love it!" ** "It’s simply unreal under the fingers" ** "Wow. I really love what this pedal does, what a unique piece of gear"
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